College 101

There is a team for everyone!  If you want to row/cox in college, you can do it.  

Rowing Resume

See Row2k’s comprehensive list of college programs and what type of rowing is offered there (e.g. Men’s Heavyweight, Women’s Lightweight) –

Start the process as soon as you know that you want to row in college because it is a daunting task. Finding the right college takes time and effort but adding the right “match” of rowing program is even more challenging. Getting recruited to row in college is a multi-step process that takes time and effort. Below are suggested steps to start the process:

Learn about the different divisions of rowing and figure out which would be the best match for you.

Decide where you want to go to college in terms of geographic location, size of student body and academic match.

Make a list of colleges in which you are interested and begin visiting as early as sophomore year.

Meet with college coaches on your visits to schools. Use as your tool to post information college coaches want to see.

Take winter training seriously and try to get your best 2k score by March of your junior year

By the end of your junior year-narrow your list of schools down to 6- 8 schools in which you are really interested.

Fill out the on line recruiting form for each school on your list.

Register with the NCAA eligibility center.

Rules of recruiting: Click Here

Ensure you understand how National Letter of Intents work, see their FAQ page here: Click Here

During spring of junior year and summer after junior year, communicate with college coaches to see if they are interested in you as a potential recruit. If a coach is interested in you, but you have changed your mind on their school, don’t lead them on, be up front with them about your decisions.

Row in a competitive program during the summer after your junior year so that you get summer race experience and are visible to college coaches.

Schedule no more than 3 official visits for starting in the fall of senior year.

Take Official Visits seriously. Just because you take an Official Visit does not mean that you will be recruited.

Listen carefully to what the college coach is saying to you. Be sure you hear what they are saying not what you want to hear.

Available Resources to assist in the process:

A parent guide via US Rowing

Recruiting is like a game of “musical chairs”. At the end of the process your goal is to have a “seat” at the college which is the best match for you.