National Schools’ Championship Regatta

Schuylkill River

Philadelphia, PA

Saturday June 11th, 2016

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Please see the 2016 Regatta Packet, here.

Fall Racing 1


1st 8+

2nd 8+ *

3rd 8+**

Lightweight 8+

Junior 8+ ***

Freshmen 8+


1st 4+

2nd 4+ *

Lightweight 4+

Middle School 4+ ****


1st 2- *****


1st 4x

2nd 4x *

Middle School Quad ****


1st 2x

2nd 2x *

Lightweight 2x


Varsity 1X

*A team must have qualified a First Boat in the same event to qualify a Second Boat.

** A team must have qualified a First Boat and a Second Boat in the same event to qualify a Third Boat.

There must be a minimum of three entries to run this event.

***Sophomores and Juniors only. Do not need a Varsity 8 to qualify.

****Middle School Students (Grades 6-8) only.

***** Due to a number of regions not having this at their regional championship, this event will be

petitioned in. There must be evidence of  a pair being run as a regular lineup in other races. This event is

not for spares who did not make the team’s other boats.


1)   NSC is open to schools from the United States only.

2)   Rowers/Coxswains will be allowed to race in only one event.

3)   All entries must be made up entirely of athletes attending one high school team.  No composite entries.

4)   All Varsity entries must qualify out of their Regional/State Championships.

5)   All Middle School entries are by petition only.  A committee of coaches will determine whether an

entry is given admittance into the NSC.  “B” boats will be considered.  There will be no “C” entries. All

boats being considered for petition should send inquiries to

6)   A boat looking to be petitioned into the regatta should have at least 2 race results during the season to

“show speed”.

7)   For events without a 2nd Boat component, teams may petition for a “B” entry, as long as the entry can

show appropriate speed.

8)   For any “extenuating circumstances” a team can petition the NSRA for a decision.

9) The petition deadline is Wednesday June 1, 2016.

Alpha Lists

One form should include the names of everyone who will row and will require the signature of a school

official. Please send all alpha lists to


1)   Where applicable, the athletes have the option to weigh-in [with the entire boat – coach/team Rep. must

attend], the morning of the race.  Athletes only have to weigh-in once for the whole regatta weekend.

2)   Athletes will be given a second chance to make weight only if they are within 1 pound of the required


3)   There will be no averaging.

4)   There will be no coxswain weigh-ins.

Definitions of classes

Varsity = Fastest boat from a school. Athletes cannot have turned 20 years old before the last day of the


Second Varsity = Next fastest boat from a school in an event. Athletes cannot have turned 20 years old

before the last day of the regatta.

Lightweight = No Boys over 150lbs & and no Girls over 130lbs.  Athletes cannot have turned 20 years old

before the last day of the regatta.

Entry Fees

Eights – $140

Fours and Quads – $90

Doubles and Pairs – $70

Singles – $40

Entry Deadlines

1)   All entries are due Sunday, June 5, 2016 on

2)   Late Fees (if accepted) are entry fee x 2.

3)   Waivers are required for this regatta

See Regatta Packet for more details.